Are you ready for this information? Maybe you should sit down – it’s a paradigm shifter. Logo design, website design, search engine optimization, content creation, social media, and email marketing are all part of MARKETING. A time and money wasting approach you should avoid involves hiring various “specialists” whose marketing knowledge is statically compartmentalized into one marketing subcategory. Why? Because all marketing subcategories are intertwined with one another – they are symbiotic; therefore, a thorough understanding of all marketing subcategories is a mandatory prerequisite for quality marketing.
Take a look at 8 good reasons your business really needs one qualified marketing company:
1. You need a brand identity.  A qualified marketing company gives your business a strong visual identity creating a high level of comfort in potential customers.  Your brand identity is shared in an interest generating manner on your website, social media accounts,  blog, signage, TV commercials, advertising, and print materials. It’s your first impression – your strength, your foundation and a qualified marketing company knows how to use it wisely.
2. A well designed search engine optimized website is a business marketing requirement. A qualified marketing company knows how optimize each page of your site, reflect your brand in an interesting manner, market to the long tail, create compelling content, and submit it to search. Today, your website is more than just a place to visit, it’s an online leads and conversion tool. Potential customers should be able to order, give feedback, make an appointment, download information, request a quote, calculate a rate, interact on a forum, or apply for a job.  A qualified marketing company shares your ROI with you using analytics.  These same analytics play a strong role in how to best update your site, increase your traffic, and generate additional leads and conversions.

3.  A search engine optimized blog is a marketing essential. Blogging is the number one – yes – number one way to get found on Google and drive traffic to your website. Google loves blogs because they are fresh and filled with links.  Your blog is not just a repeat of your website. Instead, it’s a marketing tool used to connect with customers through creative and informative articles.  It’s a place where your business can directly interact with your customers in a friendly manner encouraging affinity toward you and your brand.  A qualified marketing company sets up your blog so others may easily share your posts on platforms like Digg, Twitter, and FB. Your blog must have an RSS feed and optional email sign-up and should be constructed with security and SEO applications.  Your marketing department must learn how to use these or a qualified marketing company will use them for you.  Who hits your blog, how long they stay, which articles are favored and more can be found in your blog analytics.  Because a blog is considered the best social media marketing tool available, if you don’t have one or if you have one and aren’t using it properly, your business is missing out on the most important online conversation of all – the one about your business!

4. You need calls to action in order to generate leads. Your blog and your website are great places to launch creative calls to action. Each call to action should be created around a keyword or phrase (SEO) and include an offer.  A qualified marketing company will review your company goals, find your marketing weaknesses, and strengthen them through your brand identity, website construction, blog articles, and calls to action. An effective call to action asks for lead information from your prospect in exchange for useful/helpful information from your business. In other words, your prospect gladly gives you his email, business, title and phone number in exchange for instant (extremely useful) downloadable information which helps him now.  The prospect’s lead information is emailed directly to your sales people who then follow up.  Analytics are used to monitor the effectiveness of your calls to action allowing you and your quality marketing company to further enhance your ROI.

5.  Email marketing is a necessary  follow-up tool. A qualified marketing company will set up several follow-up emails (clearly sharing your brand identity) to thank your lead for making use of your call to action and ask her if she wants to learn more about your services or products. These follow up emails encourage further investigation into your products or services and may include additional calls to action. A qualified marketing company will provide you the means to handle this in-house or they will handle it for you.  Analytics are used to determine the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns.

6. Your website and blog must be backlinked – a lot. A backlink is your website address found on a website that is not your own. (Yes, this is SEO related.)  The more backlinks you have on high ranking sites (because some sites are considered more valuable than others), the more valuable you are to Google. Those businesses who have the most backlinks on the most valuable sites get more exposure on Google search.   A qualified marketing company will show you how to generate backlinks yourself or generate them for you. They will also provide you with a list of your competitors’ backlinks and their value (exciting stuff).

7. To excel in your market you must have compelling content. Content is king. Google loves to see fresh, relevant, linked content on your website and blog and people love to read compelling content. The creation of compelling content requires the art of writing and the art of SEO.  A qualified marketing company knows how to to pull readers in, inspiring them to willingly learn more about your business.   Whether your in-house marketing team writes your content or you have your marketing company to do it for you, search engine optimized compelling content is a non-negotiable ingredient in a successful marketing campaign.

8.  You need to participate in social media to drive potential customers to your calls of action. Your qualified marketing company will set up your Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter accounts in a manner which effectively conveys your brand and best positions you with your demographic.  Each social media platform has it’s own culture and etiquette and it’s most effective to act within these cultural norms to attract others to your business.  A qualified marketing company can show you your social media  sphere of influence and traffic stats. More important, they can monitor and respond to social media conversations about your business or teach you how to do this giving your business the opportunity to provide exemplary online customer service and bolster your reputation.

Remember, a thorough understanding of all marketing subcategories is a prerequisite for quality marketing. This is because all marketing subcategories are intertwined and many build upon each other.  One qualified marketing company thoroughly beats a disjointed group of specialists every time.