If you think you are, then you have a problem. Why? Because social media is all about having a voice.  People tend to view social media platforms as free societies, a paradigm that renders strong arm business tactics helpless. Want to fail on Linkedin?  Simply adopt one of these 6 communication styles and you too can be the King… of Nothing.

6 communication styles known to alienate others on Linkedin

1. The Know it All

The know it all consistently corrects others whenever possible.  No one likes a know it all. If constantly correcting others is your typical way of “sharing” then you’re most likely alienating your readers.

2. The Arrogant Participant

This personality is similar to the know it all except he/she adds a dash of rude to every comment.

3. The Yes Woman/Man

Have you positioned yourself as someone’s wingman – always chiming in with a statement that parallels your “leader.” If you chronically participate on Linkedin this way, it appears you cannot think for yourself.

4. The Group Control Freak

Local group admins are most prone to this. Do you act like you’re the King of Linkedin and try to micromanage your group? Even worse, do you make threatening statements to group members implying they won’t receive business if they don’t follow your rules?  Then, you’re a bully.

5. The Spammer

Want to lose connections fast? Then, email them constantly after they’ve connected with you.  Use subject headings like: “Earn $20,000 a Month from Home” or “Free Whitepaper, Download Now.”

6. The Innovative, Entrepreneurial Expert

Avoid using these, and other overused terms in your profile. Why? Because when you use words like this you’re also holding up a sign that reads, “I don’t understand social media.”

Keep in mind when you alienate others on Linkedin
, you also alienate them from your brand.  If you find yourself in this position, your best move is to hire someone to handle your social media interactions. There’s a good chance a professional marketer can salvage your brand before it’s too late.

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