Attract followers with incentives

Congratulations to loyal follower and winner of 1 month of free advertising on The Creative Marketing Channel to Nature’s Pet Place in Hanover, PA. Each month oz 2 designs LLC draws one lucky winner from our list of new enewsletter subscribers – a working incentive. How do businesses acquire loyal followers? What is the value of a loyal follower?  MediaPost’s Research Brief recently published research results about this which I summarize here:

The value of a loyal follower
The Digital Renaissance continues to inspire millions of new relationships between companies and consumers. How your company responds to these interactions determines, in part, whether or not consumers become loyal followers.  New media users, on the average, follow only about 4.6 companies per person.  Yet, these numbers alone don’t fully express the value of a loyal follower.  Loyal followers willingly recommend your brand to their personal communities; individuals within those communities may recommend your brand to their communities and so on. This social media snowball effect can result in top of mind brand exposure beyond your wildest imaginings.  Consider it a great honor to be one of the 4.6.

How to attract and keep them
1.  Offer incentives. 77% of new media users interact with companies because they were offered an incentive to do so.  Incentives include products, services, coupons and discounts. Successful incentive programs are focused and targeted to online consumer behaviors and preferences.
2.  Provide a place for consumers to interact with you.  Most new media users expect to be able to correspond with companies through websites, email and social networks.
3.  Be smart about your communications.   You will be dropped if you over or under communicate with your followers.
4.  Avoid censoring user generated content. Word gets around quickly when companies or brands refuse to allow consumers to voice their concerns.
5.  Act responsibly.  “58% of users will stop following a company if it acts irresponsibly toward its consumers.”

Equip yourself to make smart marketing decisions
Sign up for Oz2’s informative,  monthly e-newlsetter (scroll down, look right) set to launch in 2011 and automatically be entered to win 1 month of advertising right here (a $150 value).  We respect the value of our loyal followers and NEVER overcommunicate with them.  Instead, we equip them to make smart digital marketing decisions for their companies by providing them with useful  information.