Crush Your Competition with Optimized, Corporate Content

What kind of content brings return? When people choose to read content, they’re making an exchange; they’re exchanging their precious time for useful information. Brands who provide potential and current customers with the information they want are the brands who grow their leads and conversions. How do readers find digital content? They search for it. All digital content is searchable which is why I expertly optimize every piece for search. I follow a process: I thoroughly research my clients’ goals, products, and services as well as the wants and needs of potential customers, the geographic area where these customers...

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Why Social Media Writers are in Demand

  Nearly three-quarters of all internet users use social media and it is the content produced by social media writers that influences them. Unlike copy writers, social media writers are a highly specialized and creative lot. They’re both in demand and compensated well for their services.  Are you interested in becoming a social media writer? Develop these 5 skills and you are well on your way: 1. Develop your writing skills. Readers choose to invest their time reading content that satisfies a want or need. In exchange for their time, they expect a return. Do readers read your work from beginning...

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All Devices Hail Responsive Design

Responsive web design for PA, MD, and beyond. Imagine this: Your website has a sort of artificial intelligence and conforms beautifully to every device – smartphone, Ipad, Tablet, laptop, and desktop. Sounds like a futuristic dream right? It’s not. Let me welcome you to the future and give this new reality a name – responsive website design. Every business wants to be in touch with the heartbeat of the mobile web and responsive design makes this possible. Here are three reasons why businesses and consumers agree responsive design is a no-brainer. 1. It was named a web design industry...

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A Creative New Brand for The Creative Marketing Channel

Today The Creative Marketing Channel has an elegant, new design. As the media channel for our digital marketing agency oz 2 designs LLC, The Creative Marketing Channel needed to reflect our broad range of digital marketing services as well as our content marketing expertise. I feel our new look has accomplished this and more. Here are 5 reasons why I love The Creative Marketing Channel’s new website: 1. It has a clean, elegant brand that pops. I love our new signature color palette (green, black, and white) which is ever so creatively utilized in a clean, attention getting design. Oz2 Art Director Rick Brady outdid himself here and gave The Creative Marketing Channel a unique, inbound marketing, news channel feel. How does he do that?? 2. It’s a responsive design! Responsive is not only a web design industry best practice, it’s also a lot of fun for users. Our new design scales to fit all browser widths and resolutions as well as all mobile devices. Open it on a tablet or mobile phone or just scale your browser window and watch it flex its muscles. Responsive design by oz 2 designs LLC – it’s all the rage for good reason. 3. It’s not just a blog anymore. The Creative Marketing Channel’s CMS comes with the option to customize post types. In other words, I decide whether a page is...

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