Anatomy of a Logo

                    I lean back in my chair just in time to catch a glimpse of SurlyE stomping by with her sauerkraut stained mitts clenched in anger, eyes in a squint of focused disbelief. So, I had to ask, “What has our gruff but loveable waif in snit?”  It seems Surly just finished perusing another designer’s blog who had posted an article on logo design. Surly, reading the same old regurgitation that is typically fed to students of puppy mill-like turnstyles of Art and Design, is on her last good nerve – and it is inflamed. She can’t believe this one size fits all approach is even being delivered as the gospel of logo design to this day. Ok, let me backup and explain the imp’s distain. The one size fits all approach is simple. And by simple I mean just that. They (whoever they are) preach: Make the logo as basic and simple as possible and your clients will beat a path to your door. Then, they cite the success of mega-conglomerates like Nike or McDonald’s while worshipping the simplicity of the Swoosh or Golden Arches never mentioning these business monoliths spend a fortune in advertising dollars in order to burn that logo into our subconscious. HOW MANY MEDIUM TO SMALL BUSINESSES HAVE THAT KIND OF ADVERTISING BUDGET???!!!!  Sorry didn’t...

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Website Mission Accomplished!

    This was a challenging project to organize and write because we are not autoCAD users nor are we architects. (True, we are not attorneys or metal finishers either. Still, the topic of dynamic autoCAD blocks was tough.) Because the topic was unusually foreign to me, I worked very hard establishing a clear understanding of my client, his demographic, and what he wanted to sell. This site, like all of our sites, had to be appealing – visually stimulating, easy to understand, and easy to navigate. We completed within our estimate and Mr. Everett even tipped us a few extra dollars for our efforts. Thanks Mark. -Catherine Lockey, CEO, oz2designs llc...

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The Block Factory – Logo

This logo design is for Mark Everett of Everett Drafting Design llc. This design is a mix of 3D modeling contracted and texture mapped in Autodesk’s Maya software. After the modeling process was complete, the layers were rendered and exported into Adobe’s Photoshop and the blue print effect was added. It is a special project developed from scratch. We began with a brainstorming session with our client by phone. After deciding on the url name, the vision just sort of fell in place. – Rick Brady, Art Director,...

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