6 Ripoff Dead GiveAways: Don’t let that Marketer Make a Clown out of You

SEO for PA and MD and beyond. Part 5 of a 6 part content marketing series. This week I realized I’m surrounded by a plethora of SEO marketing clowns who relentlessly call and knock on my clients’ doors. They weasel their way in, these filthy clowns, and dazzle my clients with false data and poor methodology. Yet twice in the last month, these same clowns have collected over over $8,000.00 from two of my customers, promising big results in a very short time span. I know I’m preaching to the choir here since those of you reading my blog...

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Justifying Online Video

Content marketing for Philadelphia, PA and beyond – Part IV of a Six Part Series. In the last five years video has transformed itself into a non-negotiable content marketing asset. Video viewing, now part of nearly everyone’s online behavior, is proven to directly influence online buying.   If you haven’t jumped into video yet, here are compelling reasons you should. Millions watch billions of online videos every day. 101 million people in the U.S. are going to watch 1.3 billion videos TODAY.  “178 million U.S. Internet users watched online video content in June (2011) for an average of 16.8 hours...

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The Science of Search

How do the search engines evaluate websites, blogs, and other digital marketing assets? Experience search from a bot’s perspective while enjoying some animated special effects by oz 2 designs LLC in East Berlin, PA. Intriguing soundtrack by...

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Six Content Marketing Myths – Digital Marketing Wisdom for Businesses

Content Marketing for Lancaster, York, Harrisburg, Camp Hill, PA and beyond – Part III of a Six Part Series. The biggest trade show in the world is happening right now and it’s hard to miss those businesses participating.  That’s because the show is online and active participants know how to show up on search.  Visit their websites and you’ll find a treasure trove of valuable information and takeaways.  How did these businesses become so authoritative online? The answer is content marketing. Interested? Most businesses are. Before venturing forward, let’s take a look at six content marketing myths and the...

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Your Content Marketing Core Matters

Content Marketing for Baltimore, Maryland and beyond – Part II of a Six Part Series Businesses around the globe know content marketing brings traffic, leads, and conversions. From social media to webinars there are a multitude of content marketing assets. Yet, each and every content marketing strategy must begin – and end – with your website. When constructed using a solid content marketing strategy most websites make a a bold appearance in organic search.  Below I share what constitutes an effective content marketing core. Creation of a Fierce Digital Contender Google looks for relevant, original, optimized content and solid...

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