Business Predators

Business Predators

I just visited a non-profit business group today whose goal is to eradicate polio around the world as well as spread the message of peace.  It was a lunchtime meeting.  I was warmly welcomed and enjoyed meeting a few new people.  What I loved about this group is their values.  They want members whose values align with theirs:  Honest people who care about the world around them.

As I exited this meeting , I could see another meeting ending in the room next door – this was a different kind of group.    I was spotted by at least seven members of this group.  At least three of the seven are genuinely good business owners.  The remaining four are people I  prefer not to associate with.   Their motto: People are but objects to be used.   I call them “Business Predators.”

Business predators are people who treat business like war and people like objects.  They misuse their knowledge of others in hopes to control them. If they cannot control someone, they look for their weakest area and attack them. A predator has a dual mindset of both fear and lack.  A fearful mindset doesn’t believe in honesty, peace, or even good manners. Instead, their world is a black and white fighting arena where everyone is either for them or against them. Their mindset of lack says, “There isn’t enough good stuff in the world so I must take what I can now, before someone else does.”   Business predators become filled with “righteous anger”  when confronted.  Their mindset is entirely self-serving.  They truly do not believe anyone else is any different from themselves. I repeat, they truly do not believe anyone else is any different from themselves. 

Obviously I don’t respect business predators.  They come in both genders, every race, and all shapes and sizes.  If you really want to identify a business predator, don’t listen to what they say.  Instead, observe what they do.  What they do reveals who they are.  For those of us who are not business predators, this is hard to swallow.  We try to understand and hope for the best.  We look for that grain of good we think is in everyone.  That’s why we occasionally get stomped on by a predator..we really didn’t see it coming.  The victim of a business predator surprise attack may say, “I don’t understand!! Couldn’t he/she see my intentions are good.  I thought we were friends!” The answer is a big, fat, bold NO. Business Predators don’t see you at all. They see themselves in you – and they know they (themselves) are never to be trusted.

Business predators are everywhere. Some are very successful. Some are mediocre.  Some are beautiful and some are ugly.  Many are charismatic.  My point here is, they are not going away.  Their mindset of fear and lack sadly exists.  The best way to deal with this mindset is to truly see it when it’s in front of you. You can’t control it.  Instead,  work daily to control yourself.   You can choose not to support them as you direct your focus away from them and continue to work to achieve a higher standard.