Social media platforms are a wonderful way to make new friends, generate new business, and stay connected to loved ones.   Each platform has its own culture and preferred modes of communication.  Of course, as C.E.O. of oz 2 designs and  blogger for The Creative Marketing Channel, I often leverage social media to tactfully market my company and the companies of my clients.  Here is a list of some of my favorite social media networking sites and a quick blurb about each platform’s culture.

The Creative Marketing Channel – The Creative Marketing Channel is my blog and my preferred social media platform.  It’s a place where business owners, C.E.O.’s, like minded digital marketers, and bloggers can become part of my smart, thought-provoking community, ask me questions, receive free advice and suggestions, bounce ideas off of members of the community, and connect with me personally. It’s a place where people can feel free to be themselves and get the answers they need.

Linkedin – Linkedin a very serious business social network so I keep my posts and interactions quite serious and business related at all times.

Twitter – Twitter is a mixed bag; you name it, it’s on Twitter which means anything goes. I have a couple accounts: one to talk  business and the other to talk and share poetry.  One really nice benefit to participating  on Twitter is the way big businesses, like cable TV and cell phone companies, quickly respond  to individual concerns or complaints.

Facebook – I like Facebook because it’s a great way to stay in touch with family, old friends, and new friends. I use my Facebook account for fun, personal reasons.  Occasionally, I talk business.

Google+  I like Googe+ but haven’t fallen in love with it yet. Right now I, like most others, use it to post articles to benefit others in the same industry. Occasionally I’ll post a personal photo and in the near future I intend to start writing Google local reviews about my favorite places.  Google+ continues to play a STRONG role in Google search which is why it’s important to become part of that borg.

Pinterest  – Pinterest is fun, pretty, and interesting. Artists, designers, photographers, foodies, crafters and fashion lovers are drawn to Pinterest like moths to a flame.  I would love to have more time to spend on Pinterest.

Quora – Want to expand your paradigm as well as meet some of the smartest people on the web? Join Quora and read; it’s fascinating. Truly. I think everyone should spend a little time on Quora every day.

I didn’t cover every platform I’m involved in here; I’ll save the rest for another post. What is your take on  the social media networking platforms I listed? Do you participate in any of them? If so, please share your observations.