I know you’ve felt the pain – the torturous discomfort created by long voice mail systems. After you make your choices and punch in your account number the next thing you hear is “Your wait time is 15 minutes!” And your pain doesn’t end there – oh no. That’s because when you finally get to speak with a human, the human is a tired, bored, possibly outsourced “customer service representative.”  Oddly enough, you find yourself repeating yourself, even arguing with this person. They aren’t helping you! Your head pounds and your back aches as your watch your precious time evaporate.

Arrogance Gets You Nowhere….
All poor customer service is a result of arrogance (most interpersonal problems as well). Arrogance stems from a lack of humility.  The customer needs assistance and the shop owner, sales rep., or office manager decides whether or not the customer deserves it.  Big mistake.

To Succeed is to Serve
The best businesses never ever play the arrogance game – instead each and every employee of that business chooses to serve their customers.  The customer knows she is important to this business. She knows her needs will be promptly met here.  She becomes loyal to this business.

Your Reputation Grows
Now word gets around. Your loyal customers tell their friends and family your business is the best choice.   You help rather than hinder. You are present. You listen. You respond appropriately.  You become known as one of the better professionals in your field.

Your Business will Grow in this Economy
Now, more than ever, people are leaving disrespectful businesses: They need great customer service.   They will look to their friends and family to recommend someone.  Does your business provide excellent customer service? Then you are already miles ahead of your competition.

Pay Attention to the Facts

According to the Center for Media Research, who published the article Poor Customer Service Costs Companies 83 Billion Annually, “The biggest losers at the industry level are in cable & satellite TV, financial services, and consumer products. Nearly one quarter of consumers in the US said they abandoned a cable/satellite company in the past year, resulting in over $12 billion in lost revenue. And financial services companies suffered more than $10 billion of losses alone. Industries that were previously safe from competition, such as utilities in deregulated regions, are also feeling the pain, with $1.75 billion in lost revenue.” The facts are the facts. These customers are ending their relationships with poor service companies and taking their business directly to competitors.  Time to pay attention or lose business.