I recently gave the presentation “Digital Marketing 101: What is it and how do I implement it?” to attendees at the Gettysburg Adams Chamber of Commerce Expo. As promised, I published it below. The rapid shift from traditional to digital marketing has left many business owners behind. This presentation gets you up to speed with an explanation of the new media mindset as well as fundamentals of digital marketing. Understand the symbiotic relationships between digital marketing, PR, and sales. Learn essential digital marketing strategies. Most importantly, get the background you need to make smart digital marketing decisions for your company.

This presentation was featured on slideshare’s front page for two and 1/2 days. WOW!

“Hi oz 2 designs, Your presentation Digital Marketing 101 is currently being featured on the SlideShare homepage by our editorial team. We thank you for this terrific presentation that has been chosen from amongst the thousands that are uploaded to SlideShare everday”– SlideShare

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