Artistic Recycling Web Site


Artistic Recycling Web Site

Artistic Recycling is a brand new art business located in and inspired by Adams County Pennsylvania. Adams County, PA is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen – I would know, I live here. Every day I am surrounded by soft rolling hills dotted with historic stone buildings, farmsteads, gatehouses, mills, old school houses, and hand built stone walls. These lovely structures sit between areas of woodland and farmland, often graced by winding creeks and some of the most gorgeous natural landscaping in the world.

Alison Peterson, sole proprietor of Artistic Recycling lives in an 1840’s stone farmhouse. She creates much of her art from items she finds on her property like funnels, old metal drum lids, windows, old wood framed beekeeper drawers, and barn wood panels. I first learned about Alison’s work while networking. You can’t imagine how pleased I was when Alison asked my business to create her new web site. Oz 2 designs llc was driven to create because it spoke to the artist in each of us.

Writing was a beautiful opportunity to tell Allison’s story. For me, telling a compelling story which touches the spirit is the best kind of writing. As I wrote Allison’s site, I became Allison: a cancer survivor, wife, mother, former attorney and now reborn artist. Alison’s “About Me” page still strikes a chord within me even though I am the writer:

“I guess you could describe me as a late bloomer. Let me explain. All of my life the artist in me has been clamoring to get out; she just needed a little prompting. When I was very young, I practiced oil painting and enjoyed it immensely. Then I grew up, graduated from Dickinson College and became a lawyer. I thought law was where I should be and persisted in it for years despite the fact that I hated it. The best part of this time in my life was meeting and marrying my husband Lynn. At 39, I became a mother and really did not want to go back to my law office. Still, it was not until age 42, when I was diagnosed with cancer, I knew I would never go back to a job I hated. I was not going to waste another moment pursuing a career that would not allow my spirit to sing.”

Designing Alison’s site was pure pleasure for oz 2 designs llc Art Director Rick Brady. Alison gave Rick the opportunity to express the essence of a fellow artist – What joy! The moment you arrive at you are surrounded by Alison’s primitive style and unique use of color. Rick created more than a web site design here – he created a web site experience which inspires and intrigues. Rick later created Alison’s beautiful business cards. Alison occasionally donates her work to silent auctions for good causes – a stack of her business cards accompany her art which ultimately drives traffic to her new site.

All of our client’s have something unique and special to offer the world and it is our pleasure to express this for them. This time it was Alison Peterson, her unique art, and her unique life perspective which called to our personal muses. Thank you Alison for hiring us to create