Industrial animation for PA and MD.

Product Animation

Research tells us the average American is exposed to several thousand advertising messages every day. In our stressed economy, now, more than ever, smart companies are finding creative ways to stand above and beyond their competition.  Animation is the “shot in the arm” many manufacturers need.  The result – a dramatic increase in sales.

Give your customers a vision
Most people aren’t capable of visualizing complexity. They need help. Do you have a prototype vision you want to share with investors?   How about a product that needs to be assembled or repaired or one that is interchangeable with other products you manufacture?  Expertly crafted animation shows a concept which cannot be imagined.   A 360 degree rotation or fly though further enhances understanding.  Animation speaks volumes in seconds where web sites, sales people, photos, and the written word cannot.  Even better, animation can be applied to web, DVDs, kiosks, television …even print.

Streamline processes and procedures

For many companies, the sales process is cumbersome and their salespeople tend to make mistakes. Mistakes are costly.  An animated sales tool simplifies the sales process preventing errors by encouraging customers to choose from preset combinations.  Perhaps your salespeople need a list of all parts required to complete the order. After selections are made, the tool can print all information needed. By keeping your sales people and your customers directed and focused on all the possibilities of a purchase, animated sales tools streamline those processes and procedures which used to be a hindrance.

Give your marketing a boost

Einstein said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  Take a good look at your marketing efforts. Do they stand out? Do they reflect your quality and professionalism? Are you showing your customers all the possibilities in a fun and interesting manner? Animation does this and so much more saving time, making money, and boosting sales.

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