When you’re part of a group who mutually support each other, you’re part of a tribe.  A Twitter tribe is a group on Twitter who express their mutual affinity for one another by retweeting each other’s posts. This means your post is viewed by your tribe’s followers (and their followers and their followers and their followers….) Talk about being on the top of everyone’s mind! Twitter transforms into an amazing marketing tool when you are part of a Twitter tribe. Here’s how to cultivate a tribe of your own:

1.  Get comfortable with the search bar.

In order to cultivate a tribe, you need to view the Twittersphere in real time. Do you see the search bar on the right side of your home page?  Play with it. Search any term that comes to mind. Now search hashmarked terms as well.  Observe how hashmarks are used in posts.

Familiarize yourself with the search bar because through search you will find interesting people to follow and interesting people will find you. This is where you will “hear” about state, national and global happenings in real time making this Twitter feature utterly fascinating.

2.  Post like a person.

You’re human so act like it. In other words, post about more than your business. Are you meeting some associates for lunch. Post the restaurant name with a hashmark and share what you think of the food.

Do you have a favorite team or a hobby you love?  Share information about who you’re with or what you’re doing.  People like and remember people. People do business with people.

3. Marketing on Twitter is about pull.

Your tweets label you.  Do you want to be perceived as someone who takes or someone who shares?   Today it’s all about pull rather than push marketing. What’s pull marketing? It’s offering useful information to your followers – the kind of information which was once kept close to the vest.  For example, I often share how to effectively use social media. This labels me as an expert who wants to help. If I care enough to help you on Twitter for free, imagine how helpful I am when you hire my business to create your website or write your blog posts.

Don’t forget those hashmarks at the end of your posts. They allow like-minded professionals and potential customers to find and follow you.

4. Remember Twitter etiquette.

To cultivate a tribe, it’s essential you follow Twitter etiquette. A few rules to remember:

  • Don’t post excessively in a short time frame. Your followers will wonder if you’re spamming them and you’ll look like a Twitter hog since your tweets will be hogging up their digital space.
  • Retweet: As you retweet so shall you be retweeted. If you thoughtfully search for interesting posts made by your followers and retweet them, you’re acting like a member of a tribe.
  • Check your @yourname every day and see who went out of their way to support you. Make an effort to return the favor and follow when possible.
  • Interact with your followers. Those who choose to interact with you are choosing to be part of your tribe.
  • Don’t follow people, wait for them to follow you back, then drop them. This is a serious Twitter etiquette offense.  On the flip side, this may happen to you. To put a stop to it, go to FriendorFollow. Enter your Twitter name and you have to option to delete those you are following who are not following you back.
  • Groups are a great way to categorize and keep track of important contacts and information.
  • Remember to follow me @oz2designs. I promise a follow back. 🙂