“And remember, ‘YOU did it and you did it ALONE.'” This is something a relative loves to tell me whenever I share good news with her about my business. Her automatic response, “You did it alone.” A seemingly strong statement revealing her great weakness.

Delusional thinking results in self-absorption
To believe one has “done it alone” is not healthy for business, communities, or families. There is an ugly result from this kind of delusional thinking that I’ve seen first hand all of my life and here’s how it goes:

  • I attribute all of my success to me.
  • I am amazing and a step (or maybe a staircase) above others because I did it alone.”
  • I should not help others (even if they are relatives or friends) for if I do, they won’t learn to “do it alone” like I did.

Take a look at some of the most successful people in the world and you will see many were positioned for success by others who cared about them. Perhaps they were given control of a business by a parent, maybe they were connected to others by a mentor or professor, or maybe their family members were their first customers. The point is, none of this qualifies as “doing it alone.”

The value of a customer – our foundation

I look back and know, without a doubt, that Oz2’s modicum of success has come directly from those open minded, generous people who encouraged the growth of our business – our customers. Without business contacts or a boost from family, my art director and I plunged into the business world with a sense of wonder.  Total strangers from the start, our customers saw something special in us.  Today, we serve all of our original customers and attribute this to exemplary customer service.   Without our loyal customers, oz 2 designs LLC wouldn’t exist.

The value of a referrals – building us up

If you’ve been in business even a short time you learn quickly that word of mouth recommendations make a huge difference. No matter how good you are, your business doesn’t stand a chance if you don’t have a network of people recommending you. Acknowledging that recommendations from others has grown your business is healthy thinking which keeps you safe from the “I did it alone” tragedy. I’m very grateful to those who have taken time out of their busy lives to recommend my business to others. Without their recommendations, Oz2 wouldn’t exist.

You can stop the “I did it alone” tragedy
Sit down and make a list of those people who contributed to where you are today. Think about your childhood, your school years, your family circumstances. What were you given? Were you tracked for success? Some parents take the time to do this ensuring their children receive the finest educational opportunities and other advantages.  I’ve seen parents pass their businesses to their children. If this is the case, list it. Take a good look at your business and think about every customer you serve. Think about those people who take the time to spread the word about your business and introduce you to new customers. Add each person who you serve to your list. As you create your list, you will experience an enlightened mindset .  My list looks something like this:

  • My business would not exist without customers or referrals.
  • I ‘m grateful and will always remember those who work and have worked with me to help me get where I am today.
  • I want to reach out and help others experience the kind of success I’m experiencing

Your new, enlightened mindset leads to what’s commonly called “an attitude of gratitude.”  As a result, you’ll experience a more humble view of yourself and a more loving attitude toward others.  What does your list look like?