Email Marketing Campaigns 2011 Best Practices

Is there a best time to send email? How many people check email on a mobile device? Is there a strategy to reduce unsubscribes and increase click throughs? Make way for Hubspot’s marketing scientist Dan Zarrella who lets the data answer these questions and more in “The Science of Email Marketing” webinar.   Below is my summation of Zarella’s fascinating email marketing insights.

Data used: Over 9.5 billion email sends and accompanying analytics compliments of MailChimp, 3 focus groups, and survey data.

Email habits: Opening email is equivalent to completing homework and almost everyone has integrated it into their daily work ritual. 70% of people read most of their email because they hate to see unread mail in their inbox and 88% of people have only one inbox.  Over 60% of all email readers use a junk folder.

What encourages opens and click throughs?

1. Time of receipt: Most people open and click through email on weekends.
2. Time of day: Most people report reading email in the morning. 6:00 a.m. –  7:00 a.m garners highest click throughs.
3.  Sender: If the recipient recognizes the sender, especially if it’s a celebrity sender, there is a good chance the email will be opened.
4.  Subject line: People prefer to see the following words in the subject line – newsletter, this week’s, digest, bulletin, and edition – because they indicate the mail is a serialized piece of content.
5.  Mobile compatibility: 81% of all people read their email on a mobile device. Make sure your email looks good on mobile.
6.  Links: The more links in an email the higher the click through rate. More links equal more opportunities to persuade the reader.
7.  It’s referential: People tend to use their inbox as an archive. Readers archive and refer back to useful, interesting email.
8.  It’s exclusive: People love to feel part of a special club where they receive early access and special deals.
9.  It’s consistent: Click through rates are about the same whether you send 5 emails a month or 30. If your audience has opted in to your list, they want to hear from you.
10. Expectations: Readers who expect your email appreciate it the most. Why? Opening your email has become part of their “homework ritual.”
11. Subscription time: New subscribers are the best clickers.

Other interesting facts: Unsubscribes are highest from people who are new to your list. Unidentifiable sender names as well as spammy subject lines using words like magic, raffle, reward, requested, follow up, savings, offer, confirm, and upgrade spur unsubscribes. In most cases, readers will not forward your email nor will they Tweet it. “Follow me” social media links tend to have better results.  Email sent only once or twice a month has a higher unsubscribe rate than email sent 30 times a month.

All information above was gathered from the Hubspot webinar,  “The Science of Email Marketing.”

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