Increased web site traffic is now, more than ever, about relationships.  Web traffic strategies today are personal and I think this is very exciting news. Those internet relationships you cultivate through blogging, social media networking, great web design and compelling web site content have an enormous impact on the number of people who visit and peruse your site.Most business owners don’t have time to keep up with the online marketing strategies I discuss here. oz 2 designs LLC specializes in blogging for businesses saving you time and bringing you maximum return. Let me explain how oz 2 designs LLC uses blogging, social media networking, web site content and web site design to bring you outstanding digital exposure.

Why blog?  Blogging is a great way to market who you are and why you are passionate about your work. When you hire Oz2 to blog for your business ( or take time every week to blog yourself, people know you feel strongly about what you have to offer.  The best bloggers understand and use current SEO practices getting their blogs listed on natural search, often the day a post is written.  Bloggers get to know one another and interact with each other based on feelings of mutual respect and admiration.  They check out each others’ blogs and help each other out by adding one another to their blogrolls and by leaving comments.  All of this sends traffic to their web sites. If you end up listed on someone else’s blogroll, then you have established yet another entranceway to your site. When you leave comments on blogs, you also leave your web site address on the blog – creating a backlink to your site – something the search engines notice.

Why participate in social media networking?  It seems like a lot of trouble because it is – and it’s worth it.  Oz2 represents businesses on social media platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, and twitter.  It’s best to participate in more then one social media networking venue. I will use Linkedin as my social media networking example here. Linkedin requires you to create a profile.  This is just the beginning. Next, you need to add your contacts to your contact list.  And, don’t stop there.  Join groups, start discussions, and answer questions. Here is the great part:  If you have a blog then Linkedin offers you many great opportunities to increase your web site traffic because you can publish your blog on your profile as well as view the blogs of others in your network.  Even better, you can put your blog up for discussion in your groups.  Do you see how your blog and your social media networking participation work together to drive traffic to your site?  People become curious about you and want to know more about what you do so they visit your web site  from Linkedin.

What about content and design?  As you regularly post on your blog and participate in social media networking, people will take a moment to visit your web site.  The key words here are “a moment.”  Your site has maybe three seconds to make a great first impression or click your new visitors are gone.  What every site needs is great web design because great web design speaks to the hearts and minds of its demographic.  In order to be great, your design should not blend in with all the other designs on the net.  If it does, how do you expect to get the attention of your new visitors?  Instead, your web site design needs to joyfully shout, “This is exactly what you have been looking for!”   Once you have their attention, compelling content is what inspires your new visitors to learn more about you and your business.  The words you use are a powerful motivator. Think about your demographic and what it is they want. Write for them. Connect with them – because this is personal.

As I mentioned earlier, most businesses do not have the time to manage these web traffic strategies alone.  If you need help, find a professional who knows how to write and design with heart…someone who not only knows how to connect with your demographic but also knows how to express what it is which makes your business unique and valuable through your web design, web content, social networking interactions, and your blog. Once you get this ball rolling, you will enjoy watching it pick up speed.