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Catherine Lockey

What Should You Expect to Pay for Social Media Marketing?

Small businesses know "... the current shift in geotargeting, mobile marketing, and online reputation management require small businesses to modify their plans and surpass competitors."  - Susan Gunelius, Reuters. Companies on the losing side of digital are under...

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“Sell Out, Online oh yeah, Sell Out, Online Tonight…”

Successful online commerce means knowing critical new business practices which result in online success. Dawn M. Yankeelov, president and founder of Aspectx, shared these practices and so much more in her session "Customer Retention : Learn Critical Factors for...

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On Your Mark, Get Ready, Coach Contest!

Coaches say the most inspiring things. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve run into a business coach who had just the right words for me at just the right time. Leadership is one of The Creative Marketing Channel’s blog headings, and through it, we would like to...

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