What kind of content brings return?

When people choose to read content, they’re making an exchange; they’re exchanging their precious time for useful information. Brands who provide potential and current customers with the information they want are the brands who grow their leads and conversions.

How do readers find digital content?

They search for it. All digital content is searchable which is why I expertly optimize every piece for search. I follow a process: I thoroughly research my clients’ goals, products, and services as well as the wants and needs of potential customers, the geographic area where these customers reside, and the Google search phrases and queries often used to find similar products or services.

What is optimized content?

Once my research is complete, I come up with a unique angle and begin writing. The art of search engine optimized writing is far from simple because I write for customers at a defined place in the buying cycle with the goal of attracting their attention, answering their questions, and building their trust with the brands I represent. This same content is aligned with brand goals and appeals to the search engines within a specific set of parameters.

Race to the Top!

I click the publish button and watch it rank up. Because all of my content ranks well in search, it’s exciting to watch it outrank competing content. If the article, web page, landing page or video markets to the long tail, I’ll see it land on page one within two weeks. If the content is focused on a highly competitive keyword phrase, it will rank up to page one within three months. Did you know SEO lasts forever? What that means is optimized content I wrote a year ago still brings return on investment today.

Spread the word.

Sharing strategically on social is important. Every social media platform has its own culture and I have the background and understanding necessary to post effectively within multiple cultures. I utilize socially appropriate public relations skills to connect with potential and current customers, encouraging them to get involved via comments and shares.

Data for ROI

As soon as the new content ranks up in search, I delve into analytics reports and let the data tell the story. From analytics, I get information I need to tweak current campaigns. I also glean ideas for future campaigns. I receive detailed demographic data about those who read my content. User engagement is clear. I’m able to assess return on investment and provide meaningful data driven reports to those I serve.

What is a qualified content marketer?

A qualified content marketer is a great writer, an excellent researcher, an experienced analytics user, a search engine optimization expert, a social media expert and a content management systems expert. I count myself experienced and talented enough to fit this description.

If your company needs a qualified content marketer known for bringing her clients an average 400% ROI, call me today at 717-586-8386. Catherine Lockey is the content marketer for The Creative Marketing Channel and Founder and President of oz 2 designs LLC. She works for clients as a full-time employee, contract employee, or as needed. Connect with Catherine on YouTubeLinkedinTwitterGoogle+and Facebook.

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