With over twenty years experience in Counseling, English Education, Journalism, and Technical Writing; our Master Writer, Catherine Lockey, writes and proofreads every project. Degrees in English, Communications and Education as well as two Counseling certifications give Ms. Lockey the edge in understanding the demographics of your client base. Ms. Lockey is proficient in advertising writing, technical writing, journalism-style writing, handbook and curriculum writing, as well as poetry and prose. More importantly, Ms. Lockey is able to determine what it is your clients really want and show them how your business can meet their needs.

Creative and intuitive, oz 2 designs knows how to reach your audience. Take note of the key to unlocking more business: Understanding your marketing demographic, Sensitivity to the intrinsic wants and needs of potential clients, and Sharing the right message in the correct manner. For clear, focused writing with a stylistic twist, look to oz 2 designs to share who you are and what you do with the public in a manner which gets you the attention you deserve.