The New Face of PR includes Social Media and SEO

“Public relations helps an organization and its publics adapt mutually to each other.” It only makes sense PR use both social media and SEO (otherwise known as marketing) to build bridges between the public and brands.  The convergence of PR and marketing have changed the face of PR and here’s what it looks like today:

PR and SEO

Effective PR specialists make smart use of SEO employing it on all digital material. Why? Because their target audience, journalists, diligently use search to find their content. TopRank’s Lee Odden writes “According to a study by Bulldog Reporter/TEK group International, 64% of journalists report that they use either Google or Yahoo! News services and nearly half of all journalists reported visiting a corporate website or online newsroom at least once a week.” SEO improves search engine ranking, makes content easier to find and increases a brand’s chances of being discussed, backlinked, listed, or quoted on a newsworthy internet publication.

  • Press releases/news releases
  • Onine op-eds/letters to the editor
  • Online news rooms and media kits
  • Corporate site PR content
  • Blogs
  • Reports/white papers
  • Webinars/demos
  • Email newsletters
  • Interviews (coach interviewee on keywords)
  • Podcasts/Internet radio shows

PR, SEO and Social Media

Effective PR specialists use social media in order to build relationships, share their brand, and manage their brand’s reputation. Effective use of social media often results in the elusive and much coveted backlink (an SEO must-have) completing the circle of PR, social, and SEO. Let’s break this down so it’s easy to understand.

1.  They participate in an authentic and compelling manner on blogs and other platforms like Twitter, FB, and LinkedIn. (Don’t forget, if it’s digital, it’s searchable which means it should be optimized for search.) It is on social platforms PR and marketing specialists slowly grow an audience for their brand. This is where discussions are started, complaints are heard, and questions are answered. Special note: Journalists monitor and search social media for material.  As smart PR specialists monitor and respond in real time to conversations about their brand, they’re setting a PR precedent – soon to become a standard for good business. Every consumer counts and PR specialists who leverage social media know this. Social media is a remarkable reputation management tool and PR essential.

2.  They share useful, compelling content with their audience which their audience shares with others. Instead of pushing ads, smart brands regularly create fresh, search engine optimized content that attracts. Why? Because people appreciate it when they learn something new, are able to do things more easily, or better understand something. Smart brands use their own channel to initially share this information and then use other social platforms to disburse it. The result: As PR specialists provide valuable, optimized content on social media they generate organic traffic, leads, and conversions for their brand.

3.  Top Ranks’s Adam Singer best sums up the remarkable results that come from PR’s new school approach here: “The ideal case is your digital presence is remarkable enough to inspire organic PR across channels – both traditional and digital. If you can achieve that, traditional push tactics become less meaningful as you’ll become in-demand. Instead of seeking media, media will seek you. If you can achieve this, your PR shifts from something very tactical to something far more strategic….”

October 16 – 19 thousands of communication professionals will converge in Washington D.C. to attend the Public Relations Society of America’s 2010 International Conference where renowned speakers will share cutting edge social media and SEO strategies. When TopRank’s Lee Odden threw down the gauntlet offering a free pass to two lucky winners, I was compelled to meet his challenge and write this post. Located in East Berlin, PA (a mere 2 hours from Washington D.C.), I would love to attend the PRSA conference which would further enable me to do what I enjoy most – educate my readers. Please help me win a “golden ticket” and furiously share this post on all of your social media platforms TODAY. Yes, you can help me win! Thanks in advance my friends and, if I go, you will surely hear more about it.

Many thanks to all who helped spread the word – Lee Odden and his TopRank team selected this post as one of the best from their sea of entrants. I did attend the PRSA conference and enjoyed my experience immensely.  Since then I have written two blog posts about the presentations I attended – one was even featured on PRSA’s Comprehension blog.