According to CNN, sometime this fall your smart phone will buzz and you may read something like, “Currently aerating your favorite socks Dad!  Grrrrr! woof, woof, woof! love, Rover.”   Yes, this could happen to you thanks to the obscenely ridiculous Puppy Tweets by Mattel. Consisting of a motion and sound sensor tag you attach to your dog’s collar, Puppy Tweets lets your dog tweet on its own Twitter account. O.K. not exactly. Puppy tweets does the tweeting. Nevertheless; imagine the possibilities (for Mattel I mean) because this new “toy” has what it takes to GO VIRAL.

Why I believe Puppy Tweets will go viral:

Funny spreads like wildfire on the net.

Yes, Puppy tweets is funny. It’s ridiculous.  Think of the many ways this product will twist and turn on the net. From Twitter books, podcasts, and cartoons to comedy skits and inappropriate animal tweet videos, Puppy Tweets offers endless silly options for viral content.

People will love it.

Why? Because both dogs and Twitter make us feel connected. It’s genius really.  Puppy Tweets marries two human loves in one product: our love for dogs and our love for social media. As soon as this product is released, people will spread the word.

Twitterheads will start the fire.

I have a feeling Mattel suspects as much. Whether they like or dislike Puppy Tweets, Twitterheads will be the first to create a buzz about it. It doesn’t matter what they say. What matters is everyone will say something.

It makes great link bait.

Puppy tweets will be controversial and bloggers sometimes use controversy to attract readers. Those who take Twitter seriously will be offended and will despise Puppy Tweets.  Those who think Twitter is a waste will say Puppy Tweets further proves their point. Either way, bloggers will have a field day with this.

Yes, Puppy Tweets has amazing viral potential. It will inspire Twitter posts, videos, blog posts, comedic skits, as well as more toys which integrate social media and pets.  It will enhance every dog lover’s Twitter experience and enrage every serious tweeter out there.  It will give bloggers fodder for stories on the power of social media and our human need to feel connected. I look forward to watching this one play out.