Web Site – You Gotta Have One
Despite our sluggish economy, many small and medium sized businesses, including mine, are still growing.  Think about those businesses you discovered in the last year.  Maybe you needed a special service, maybe a particular product.  You most likely had parameters – for example, they had to be close by, they had to be certified in something etc… And where did you go to look for this business? You most likely sat down in front of your computer and searched for it.  Then, you clicked through the web sites on the list and found a business which attracted you because it appeared it could meet your needs.  This is how your potential new customers will find you as well.
Design Makes the  Difference
Today, it all starts with your web site design.  If your web site is not attractive, compelling or optimized for search, then you are not making the best use of the most cost effective marketing medium available – the internet.  My business creates attractive, search engine optimized, user friendly web sites. The word attractive is in bold type for a reason.  A web site does not stand apart from its competition if it is not attractive.  It’s just human nature.  Web sites which blend in don’t make much of a first impression.  Just like a beautiful sunset, a beautiful web site will hold your gaze.  Artistry is a gift and my business is fortunate to have a very talented artist in charge of every design we create.
Compelling Content
Once beauty stops a potential customer in his/her tracks, he/she will evaluate the message in the site.  An oz 2 designs llc web site is organized and written by a marketing specialist.  We take the time to really get to know our customers as well as their potential customers. Every message is well thought out and compelling.  We build trust.  This is our secret to generating conversions.


Just as important as the appearance and the message is the “optimization factor.”  There are specific design programs which are more easily read by the search engines.  Keywords, tags, links, the construction of your site – each of these factors plays a role in whether or not your site is optimized for search. oz 2 designs not only optimizes every site we create for search – we submit it to the search engines for you.  Smart marketing with oz 2 designs llc is easy and cost effective.   You do not have to spend a fortune to get a beautiful site which shows up on the search engines.

We Can Help
We are professionals in our areas of expertise who know how to serve our customers. Let us help you market your business and attract those customers who are looking for you. Post your URL in a comment and tell us what you like and/or dislike about your current site and we will be happy to provide you with useful feedback.