Did you know that 53.4 million people in the U.S. own a smartphone? Smartphones allow users to access data from the web almost anytime, anywhere.  This is exciting stuff!  The exchange of information has never been easier.  Because blogging is a guaranteed way to drive traffic to your business, don’t let your blog fall through the cracks; instead, make sure it’s set up to reach this fast growing mobile audience.

There are many ways to make your WordPress blog smartphone compatible. My company uses the WPTouch application. With WPTouch, viewers can easily scroll down a post list, read post excerpts, load more entries, search, bookmark a page and leave comments.  Posts may be selected by title, category, or tag.  As you can see above, WPTouch allows our images to scale down beautifully.  In addition, all hotlinks work nicely and are easy to see.  At the bottom of each article, viewers have the option to share posts they love using three grey icons: an envelope, a bird, and a bookshelf.  The envelope allows viewers to email the post link to anyone on their contacts list.  The bird allows viewers to tweet the post. The bookmark icon allows viewers to add the post to various social bookmarking sites.

Your blog is where your brand is created, expanded upon, and recreated. It’s the place where your business directly interacts with your customers, forging trust and growing your influence. Make your blog “smart phone worthy” and market to the growing smartphone audience today.