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Starting a new business is exciting and, for many, it’s part of the American Dream. Yet, to make it happen, to make it work, new business owners must understand what it takes to put points on the board.   Here are 4 essential startup marketing offensive plays you need to score big.
1.  A Marketing Budget
Want to hear something shocking? Many new business loans do not include a marketing budget. Business owner beware, if you don’t have 6 – 10 thousand dollars set aside for your startup marketing you would be wise to put your business plan on hold.  Starting a new business without a marketing budget is like fielding your offense without a quarterback.

2.  A Quality Marketing Company

Let’s assume you have a marketing budget. Who is the best field general for the job? (or in non-football speak, how do you know which marketing company to choose?) The answer, put them to the test with Website Grader and BlogGrader. Simply enter the prospective marketing company’s website and blog address into the grader tools and voila – digital marketing prowess is revealed.

www.cyclonemarketing.info for the best in digital marketing

CycloneMarketing.info scores big on Blog Grader!

A good rule of thumb – if they aren’t getting it right for themselves, they certainly won’t get it right for you.  Next step, make a list of the top scoring or  “A” grade companies and review their designs.   Studies show it is artistic design which generates interest.

oz 2 designs LLC provides the very best in design

oz 2 designs LLC gets an A!

With Grader and artistic design criteria you can narrow down which marketing company is capable of giving you the most for your money.  One more thing: If they don’t have a blog then they’re not even eligible for your draft.

3.  Marketing Materials

With a start up budget of  6- 10 thousand dollars a quality marketing company should be able to give you:

4.  Clock Management

Although last on the list, time is essential for effective digital marketing management.   Understand that in order for your digital marketing to be successful, you must spend time every day posting on your Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter accounts.  You must spend time weekly to create useful, compelling blog posts and update your website. 10 years ago one would just buy advertising and move on. Today, your digital footprint is your advertising; therefore,  take time to create compelling content or hire a qualified content strategist to do it for you.