Content Marketing for Baltimore, Maryland and beyond – Part II of a Six Part Series
Businesses around the globe know content marketing brings traffic, leads, and conversions. From social media to webinars there are a multitude of content marketing assets. Yet, each and every content marketing strategy must begin – and end – with your website. When constructed using a solid content marketing strategy most websites make a a bold appearance in organic search.  Below I share what constitutes an effective content marketing core.

Creation of a Fierce Digital Contender
Google looks for relevant, original, optimized content and solid website construction which is why search engine friendly websites feature smart content marketing. Here, I’ll briefly share how my company creates a fierce digital contender.  First, (after we qualify a client) we learn all we can about his/her business and business goals. Our Objective: Create a a drilled down list of categories with future expansion in mind.  We create our list through a demographic and keyword evaluation process.  This means we ask A LOT of questions, review a lot of materials and do research.  After our list is approved, we move to the construction, design, and content creation phases.  The end result: A stunning website complete with a solid content marketing strategy for maximum ROI.

A Solid Content Marketing Core Example
Janney Painting Inc., an East Coast commercial and industrial painting company in Manchester, Maryland hired my company to create their new website. Take a look at it:

Website by oz 2 designs LLC

Rather than the traditional “Contact Us” and “Services” buttons you see something far more detailed and specific.

Search Results Tell a Story

Now, take a look at their organic Google search results – keep in mind their new site was loaded to the internet September 7th 2011.

number one global rank in organic search

Google organic search results for Janney Painting Inc.

More search engine results for Janney Painting Inc.

More noted Google search results:

Quarry Painting Company #8
Asphalt Plant Painting – #7
Grain Elevator Painting Contractor #5

A Strong Core for Long Term ROI
The results my company achieved for Janney Painting Inc. in less than two months are impressive. Janney Industrial Painting’s ROI to date is an astounding 524%.   My company recently created their brand new blog and their first article. Over time, Janney Painting Inc.’s organic rank for a multitude of relevant keywords and phrases will continually increase inspiring even more traffic, leads, and conversions.   As a marketing tactic, SEO’s ROI for both products and services is an astounding 68% or higher. To survive and thrive in today’s digital world, every B2B and B2C business needs a strong content marketing core.

About The Creative Marketing Channel
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