website marketing

Data proves blogging is one of the most effective ways to grow your business. But what about those businesses who don’t intend to blog. What is their digital marketing solution?

The answer
Digital marketing success is still possible for non-blogging businesses. The answer: View your website through a new lens.  The internet’s ever changing landscape craves new information and search engines reward compelling, useful content. Did you know there are over 10.5 billion searches a month? For outstanding results, transform your website from a static online brochure into your very own dynamic information hub.  Here is how my company helps clients increase traffic, publicity, and conversions.

Start with analytics
Your website’s anayltics tell a story. They tell you which pages are most popular, which keywords your customers use to search for you, the number of unique visitors to your website and so much more. Evaluate your analytics to learn what your website visitors want from you.  Then, move forward and create new website content.

How to create new website content
Did you know the search engines treat each web page like an individual website? Search engines look for proper construction, relevant keyword use, title and description tags, alt tags, H1 and H2 tags and useful, relevant content. They also look for relevant and authoritative backlinks.

My company does a lot of website update work.  We start the process with a thorough evaluation of our client’s analytics and current site construction. Next, we interview our client. Here are just a few questions we ask before creating new web pages:

  • What is your specialty?
  • What is it people ask you about your industry?
  • What makes your business or product unique?
  • What stories can you tell about your business or product?
  • What stories have your customers shared with you about your business or product?

Next, we brainstorm with our client and drill down from general product and service categories to specific phrases or subcategories. We choose one subcategory or phrase to write about and do keyword research. Then, we come up with an angle or an interesting way to present the new content.  Last, we write, design, and load up the new web page.  Each new properly constructed and well written website page is a search engine magnet resulting in more visibility and clicks.

Transform your brochure style website into a dynamic information hub.

As your website becomes a resource, a wealth of useful information to potential customers, you’ll see more visits and more business.   The monthly cost to add a couple new pages to your site every month costs less than newspaper advertising and gives back so much more.  As a marketing tactic, SEO’s ROI for both products and services is an astounding 68% or higher.  If you would like to transform your website  into a dynamic information hub and enjoy ROI of 68%,  contact o2 designs LLC at